The long-awaited arrival of spring means different things to different people: a physical and spiritual renewal, an eager farewell to that now-grungy Marmot and Canadian Goose outerwear for (hopefully) another year, a reminder that a new season of “Game of Thrones” is finally right around the corner. And for some of us, it means yard work.

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You’ve finally found a buyer for your beloved home and signed a deal. Phew, what a relief! But then comes the reality check, aka the “home inspection.” Such simple words, yet so fraught with stress and fear! Many contracts include a contingency that allows the buyer to back out if serious problems are found during inspection. So, bring on the fear.

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8 Things to Do Right After You Move In

Friday, February 5th, 2016

So you’ve moved into a new home—yay! Maybe you’ve even celebrated with your first takeout meal in the middle of your fabulous (and empty) living room floor. But before you get too comfortable and go into a flurry of unpacking all those carefully labeled boxes, check out this list of things to do right after moving into a new place. It’ll set you up to be sitting pretty for years to come.

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